(Diversity Equity and Inclusion)

This  professor of rhetoric makes his points concisely and engagingly as he unwraps the meanings of the key DEI phrases as they are used in academia and business  and points towards a better way. 

Exchanging MLK's dream for identity politics.  A brief but authoritative explanation of Critical Race Theory, plus some helpful background.  (Robert P. George is McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University.)

EWSD Equity Policy (it's political, comprehensive and demands compliance)

Everything below are direct quotes from the Equity Action Plan except the words in brackets.

Equity Policy Goals, Procedures, and Action Steps 

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[Curriculum and Restorative Practices]


EWSD will implement curriculum to teach the social justice standards developed by Learning for Justice and to ensure instruction is provided in antiracism, LGBTIA+ affirmation, disability awareness, and the value of diversity of all kinds


In EWSD sex education will be delivered in a way that is LGBTQIA + affirming and remove heteronormative assumptions.  

All teachers will have training to audit their own curriculum with an equity lens. Instructional outcomes related to this training will be a part of the supervision and evaluation system for teachers.


EWSD will institute a comprehensive system of restorative practices across the district no later than the end of the 2023-2024 school year.


[Teacher Accountability and Discipline]


Bias response systems will be set up for students and employees throughout the district that protect people from harm based on identity and other characteristics


Students and families will be provided access to anonymous reporting

The actions and consequences will also match and meet the needs of different age groups, such as but not limited to hosted restorative circle conversations with younger age students, assigned courses or classes to take, and risk of termination for ESWD employees.  [Emphasis added.]


[Grading system]


Families who have cultures that hold expectations that are different from the dominant culture will have access to request variances from systemic expectations that don't align with their cultural beliefs.


[Cultural Appropriation and Library Resources]


Issues of cultural appropriation will be reported as bias incidents and considered through an equity lens.


EWSD will curate books in the school libraries and curriculums that represent the peoples and cultures of the world, especially those historically and currently excluded


[Professional Training]


EWSD will develop an annual professional development (PD) plan to ensure forward movement toward the Equity Policy goals and to develop anti-bias classrooms and school environments


Teachers will have opportunities to engage in affinity group work to enhance their own knowledge of themselves and others. This will include antiracism groups for people benefiting from whiteness


[Leadership Requirements]


EWSD will require all leaders to consider equity during decision-making processes at the school and district levels.

This document is downloaded from the EWSD  Equity and Inclusion page

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